My Story

I sold my home in California recently and moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico expressly to build a large flying saucer with lights to display alongside a busy highway. Today my flying saucer can be seen any-time by people traveling on Highway 70 and at night the lights are shining brightly.

There is a building on the property that I hope to turn into a restaurant someday but that will have to wait until the COVID-19 virus is under control and I feel the time is right to make the necessary investment to open it.

In the meantime, I am opening this DEEP SPACE OUTPOST web site to sell T-shirts, hats, and other items to help cover my considerable expenses. I know that you are a fan like myself of all the mystique and art that we were all born into here on planet earth traveling through infinite space. I hope that you will help me make sure that DEEP SPACE OUTPOST will remain long after we all transport to another and even more fancinating place in time.

When the restaurant finally opens I will be very happy if you can stop by and say hello.


-Pete Wickham

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